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Body Moksha Physical Therapy, a private and out-of-network clinic, faced a unique challenge in the competitive landscape of physical therapy. Operating outside the traditional insurance model meant relying on out-of-pocket payments, making lead generation particularly challenging. Despite being with a marketing agency that handled various digital marketing strategies, including Google Ads and overall digital presence, Body Moksha felt the strain of cost inefficiency and a lack of personalized attention. The decision to partner with our agency stemmed from the need for a more focused and dedicated approach. They sought a digital marketing solution that not only addressed their specific challenges but also provided the tailored attention and strategic guidance they deserved, marking the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.


Increase in Revenue Generated by Google Ads

Our strategic approach focused on refining bidding strategies, optimizing the overall digital presence, and enhancing the effectiveness of our advertising approach. Recognizing the competitive landscape and the unique challenge of operating as an out-of-network clinic, we implemented targeted bidding practices that ensured our ads reached the right audience at the right time. Through meticulous optimization of ad copy, landing pages, and keyword targeting, we maximized the relevance of our ads, thereby improving their performance. Additionally, we conducted a comprehensive review of our digital presence, ensuring that Body Moksha's online footprint was not only prominent but also reflective of their unique value proposition. This holistic strategy, combining strategic bidding, optimization, and an enhanced digital presence, contributed significantly to the substantial increase in revenue generated from Google Ads, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored approach in a competitive healthcare landscape.

Was achieved through a strategic overhaul of our advertising approach. We fine-tuned bidding strategies, pinpointing high-converting keywords and audience segments. This precision allowed for optimal budget allocation, maximizing the impact of every advertising dollar. Our team crafted targeted ad creatives aligned with Body Moksha's unique value proposition, enhancing ad relevance.


Increase in Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)


Increase in Leads Generated

We honed in on targeted audience segments, refining our messaging and creatives to resonate with potential clients. Our team implemented a comprehensive review of the lead generation funnel, optimizing landing pages for seamless user engagement. Through data-driven insights, we identified and capitalized on high-performing channels, enhancing overall campaign performance. This holistic approach, combining targeted messaging, keyword optimization, and streamlined user experiences, resulted in a significant 60% increase in leads generated, showcasing the effectiveness of our tailored approach in driving quantifiable and impactful outcomes for our client.

Grounded in a strategic focus on driving quality leads while optimizing placement, we meticulously evaluated the performance of various channels, directing budget towards those that consistently generated high-quality leads. By leveraging data insights, we identified the most effective touchpoints in the customer journey, ensuring our advertising efforts were strategically placed where potential clients were most receptive. This targeted approach not only improved lead quality but also contributed significantly to the remarkable reduction in CPA.


Cut in Cost Per Acquisition


In the pursuit of their goals, Body Moksha Physical Therapy envisioned a digital presence that echoed the same personalized and tailored service they proudly offer in their clinic. Disappointed by the lack of such attention from their previous marketing agency, they turned to us for a transformative partnership. At the heart of their aspirations was a desire for a digital strategy as unique as their patient care model. As a boutique agency, we embrace the essence of personalized service, aligning our strategies with the distinct needs of each client. The success of this endeavor speaks to the power of tailored solutions, with our boutique agency ethos harmonizing seamlessly with Body Moksha's commitment to providing a personalized touch in every facet of their practice.


The unique nature of their business, operating as a private, out-of-network clinic in the competitive healthcare landscape, presented hurdles in reaching quality leads. Overcoming preconceived notions that often favor in-network providers required strategic efforts to communicate the distinct value offered by Body Moksha.


Our collaboration with Body Moksha involved crafting bespoke campaigns, refining targeting approaches, and ensuring every aspect of their online presence radiated the individualized care that sets them apart.

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